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A School With Style

Northmont Students Show Their Styles

Ellie Coppock, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

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Many students like to express their unique personalities through clothing, and the students at Northmont High School are no exception.

Sophomore Riley Rice

STYLE: “Boho and late 90’s”

INSPIRATION: “I get most of my style from Pinterest and Instagram.”

STYLE TIP: “If you know you’re not going to feel confident wearing something, then just don’t wear it.”


Senior John Pierron 

STYLE: “Local dad”

INSPIRATION: “I follow a lot of photographers on social media and I get a lot of inspiration from how they style their models.”

STYLE TIP: “I think my best style tip is to tuck shirts in and cuff the bottom of your pants. It makes almost any outfit a little more stylish.”


Sophomore Isaiah Underwood

STYLE: “Mix and match, 90s and 2000s”

INSPIRATION: “A lot of my inspiration comes from how my parents taught me to dress and either following those rules or doing the exact opposite.”

STYLE TIP: “My best style tip would be to dress like yourself.”


Senior Caitlin Hoying

STYLE: “Retro”

INSPIRATION: “I usually get inspiration from girls on Twitter or smaller youtubers I watch.”

STYLE TIP: “My best style tip is if your little brother makes fun of you, you probably look good.”


Sophomore Nadeen Abouzahra

STYLE: “Chill and comfy”

INSPIRATION: “I get inspiration from shows like ‘Friends,’ ‘The Carrie Diaries,’ and ‘Freaks and Geeks.’ Also, Tumblr and Instagram have good outfit accounts.”

STYLE TIP: “Don’t be afraid to try new trends!”

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