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  • Help Is Hope

    Help Is Hope

    Emily Swanson, Staff Writer

    April 16, 2018

    Life can be hard, there's no denying. However, some students have to go through more problems than what seems fair. On the bright side, there are plenty of resources online for a variety of problems. Here is a list of resources for mental illnesses, abuse, and sexual assault. Some people will report...

    New art on the empathy wall encourages hope.

  • Going to State

    Going to State

    Ellie Coppock, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

    April 12, 2018

    On Tuesday, April 10, Northmont students traveled to the State House in Columbus to speak to government officials about school safety. The students are part of the School Safety Team that formed after the tragedy in Parkland, Florida. "The experience was nice for me and everyone who went to dip their...

    Ohio Governor John Kasich holds a group picture of Northmont students (courtesy of @JohnKasich on Twitter).

  • Gorillas and Chickens and Santa Claus, Oh My!

    Gorillas and Chickens and Santa Claus, Oh My!

    Samantha Street, Staff Writer

    April 9, 2018

    Hungarian elections are coming up and there is an emerging party running some peculiar candidates. The Two-Tailed Dog Party, a reference to the English saying as happy as a two-tailed dog, is a satirical Hungarian party formed in 2006. They are running 39 candidates for Hungarian parliament including...

    The Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party prepares for Sunday's election.

  • “Speak Up, Save A Life”

    “Speak Up, Save A Life”

    Taylor Shively, Staff Writer

    April 9, 2018

    Tyler's Light, a non-profit organization that works to educate communities about the dangers of prescription and illegal drug use, was invited to Northmont High School by Board Member Dr. Karl Espeleta, to hold an assembly for students on Monday, April (tylerslight.com). The program is dedicated to...

    Tyler's Light strives to encourage anyone to speak up about addiction and save a life (courtesy of TylersLight.com).



    Lilly Wilt, Staff Writer

    April 3, 2018

    Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) has developed an awareness project to make students more comfortable talking about suicide, depression, and mental health issues. The project will take place the week of April 23. SADD will be distributing bracelets and pins that say "it's ok not to be...

    SADD plans to distribute bracelets letting students know "IT'S OK NOT TO BE OK."

  • #Enough


    Maddie Harris and Taylor Shively

    March 22, 2018

    On Wednesday, March 14, Northmont High School held an assembly in the Thunderdome, prompted by the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida. High schools throughout the United States planned protests, walk-outs, or other activities in response to the tragedy. Northmont High School Student Assistant C...

    Senior Dominic Stratton addresses his peers at the assembly on March 14.

  • Schools Consider Arming Staff

    Schools Consider Arming Staff

    Maddie Harris, Staff Writer

    March 8, 2018

    The recent shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, has sparked debate on possible solutions to the issue of school safety. One of the solutions proposed is arming school staff. The hope is that if there is a potential shooter in the building, a staff member will be able to stop...

    Butler County, Ohio Sheriff Richard K. Jones offers to train teachers to use guns (image courtesy of Fox News).

  • The NRA and Congress

    The NRA and Congress

    Samantha Street, Staff Writer

    March 7, 2018

    Read the first story in this three-part series. The National Rifle Association (NRA) refers to itself as the nation's oldest civil rights organization. This five-million member association has spent 203.2 million dollars on political activities in the past two decades (Politifact). How much influence...

    The NRA's influence over Congress continues (courtesy NRA).

  • Acing the ACT

    Acing the ACT

    Ellie Coppock, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

    March 7, 2018

    On Tuesday, March 20, juniors will take the ACT and sophomores will take the preACT. Students have been preparing for their tests in many different ways. On Tuesday, February 27, a seminar for ACT preparation was offered during the school day. Another seminar, ZAPS ACT Test-Prep Seminar, will be held...

    Sophomore Lindsey Dresnek studies her ACT Prep book.

  • Assault Rifles and the Second Amendment

    Assault Rifles and the Second Amendment

    Samantha Street, Staff Writer

    March 5, 2018

    Las Vegas, Pulse, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Sutherland Springs, Parkland,  and San Bernardino: seven of the ten deadliest mass shootings in the United States have occurred during the lifetime of current high school students (CNN). The Las Vegas, Sutherland Springs, and Parkland shootings all made use of the AR-15 leading some to call for ass...

    Recent events have led to the discussion of the Second Amendment (courtesy The Economist).

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Going to State
“Speak Up, Save A Life”
Acing the ACT

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